John Bogardus Psychotherapy"I will help you get back to enjoying your life!"

My clients are talented, intelligent, well-educated people who feel they are not living up to their potential in work or relationships. They may feel anxious or depressed, or at a loss about how to resolve a difficulty with a friend or family member. An additional problem, such as alcohol or drug abuse, may be adding to their burden.

I am a licensed psychotherapist with accessible offices in San Francisco and Sonoma, California. I have many years of experience as a psychotherapist working with individuals and couples to discover what has been preventing them from living authentically and creatively, and helping them to get on with enjoying their lives.

In the safe environment of psychotherapy, we can begin making sense of behavior and feelings that "don't add up." We talk together to understand how a feeling, symptom, or situation has come to exist — a simple act that can open opportunities for discovering new solutions where none seemed possible.

My style with clients is warm and interactive. I have worked successfully with individuals and couples, both gay and straight, to integrate a sense of accomplishment. I invite you to schedule an appointment now, or to learn more about me and the psychotherapy services I offer.