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John Bogardus, LCSW Psychotherapy

“You are feeling stuck or, perhaps, not satisfied with some aspect of your world. Let’s talk and find a way back to enjoying your life!”

Hello! I’m John Bogardus.

Licensed Therapist

I am a licensed therapist with over three decades of clinical experience in private practice.

As a therapist, I enjoy working intuitively with individuals, listening to their stories, building trust, and discovering new solutions together.

Get help with:

Strained relationships

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We all desire to connect with those we care for in a deeply loving way. It can feel frustrating and painful when the very relationships we seek out, become sources of conflict. We stress when we don’t connect well with those who are important to us.

Dysfunctional communication patterns may create disharmony. Sexual issues contribute to even more distance in romantic relationships. In therapy we safely explore the obstacles which interfere with satisfying relationships. We learn new ways to move forward.

Stress and worry

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Discomfort stemming from excessive worry, stress, or fear are reasons many seek therapy.

Feeling restless, keyed up, difficulty concentrating, or having trouble with sleep are other symptoms. Work or dating might be creating tension and distress. It may be difficult to pinpoint an exact cause. Let’s identify what is going on, so strategies/changes you might employ become available.

Anxiety treatment addresses more than what causes symptoms. It gives people new ways to look at and respond to troubling feelings or situations that can transform how people feel about themselves.


Intimacy issues

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Let’s get to the bottom of a troubling relationship. We can explore all aspects of the conflict whether the problem is a major eruption or “touch and go.”

Determining what you have the power to change in yourself as well as others is important. So is knowing what you can’t. A fresh perspective may be helpful.

Self Esteem

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A mean boss, an ungrateful child, a rejected offer of love, can send our self-regard spiraling. Or emotional scars can linger from past traumas. There are many roads to self-esteem issues.

Psychotherapy is designed to explore and improve upon what impacts our sense of self-worth.

Isolation, Loneliness, and Depression

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Low energy, a down mood, and feelings of hopelessness signal depression. So do withdrawing from others and losing enjoyment in activities that are usually pleasurable.

Sometimes a good discussion about getting the mind and body moving is needed. Together we can address “catastrophizing” thoughts which might be making you feel worse.

I can help you navigate these troubling feeling states.

Business owners

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When you are a business owner or sole proprietor you may have the feeling that, “It’s lonely at the top.”  Does the responsibility of running your business weigh on you? Keep you up late at night? Make you irritable with family or employees?

I can help. I provide feedback and act as a useful sounding board for your concerns. Together we go over the complexities of running your business. We identify sticking points and and troublesome problems that need solutions.

I have a knack for helping you to strategize and solve common problems that arise in running a business. Are there personality issues with employees or independent contractors? Let’s dig in and get to the bottom of what’s going on. You don’t need to struggle with this alone.

Alcohol and substance abuse

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As an experienced alcohol and drug counselor I have seen first hand how substance problems can impact a person’s life and relationships. I educate and assist you to find the support you need because the more serious the problem, the more likely that people can’t quit or modify their behaviour on their own. You may have already tried and know what I am talking about.

Sometimes a person enters individual therapy wondering if there is a need for alcohol and drug treatment. I have a blog entry addressing this situation entitled, “Do I have a problem with alcohol? How the concept of ‘relationship to alcohol’ can help.”

Guilt and misplaced self-blame

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Guilt is a most painful emotion. People will do almost anything to avoid it. Blaming others is one common strategy. And so is blaming oneself.

How does blaming oneself reduce guilt? Well for one thing, the more guilt you accept and feel miserable about, the less you have to feel guilty about. While feeling guilt is justified when we knowingly act badly, there are times when we shouldn’t accept the blame others assign us.

People walk around feeling they are bad. They may not even realize how they sabotage themselves because of these deep seated feelings.

My job is to help bring to light the feeling states that cause suffering. These feelings are often undeserved and deeply impact our sense of who we are.

Family member conflict

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Often a conflict with a lover, child, parent or other family member is particularly troublesome. I provide individual therapy to help you explore relevant ways to make progress.

Why now?

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Chances are a recent event or uncomfortable feeling has led you to consider therapy.  Let’s take a look at what brings you to therapy now. Everybody needs to start somewhere, it’s where you are going that counts. I will assist you.

Someone to talk to

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Speaking with friends and family might be a possibility, but so is being judged and misunderstood. As someone who won’t be judging you, I am here to listen and understand where you are coming from. I can assist you to arrive at your own conclusions and resolutions. Also, I can provide feedback re what I think would be helpful.

Corrective emotional experience

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The corrective emotional experience has been described as an experience in therapy, “where the client is re-exposed, under more favorable circumstances, to emotional situations which he or she could not handle in the past. The client, in order to be helped, undergoes a corrective emotional experience suitable to repair the traumatic influence of previous experiences.”

I have found corrective emotional experiences in therapy to occur spontaneously. That is, the effects of past trauma get reworked making room for new discoveries. My intention is to create a safe place to talk, not to trigger “corrective” experiences deliberately. Instead by meeting you where you are at, we arrive at feelings and insights that you can really use, that help you feel more confident.

My Approach & Values

I have been interested in psychology from the 1980’s. The value of my experience is that I have worked successfully with many types of people and have heard many stories.

In the safe environment of psychotherapy, we can begin making sense of behavior and feelings that “don’t add up.” We talk together to understand how a feeling, symptom, or situation has come to exist — a simple act that can open opportunities for discovering new solutions where none seemed possible. I’ll help to identify tools and strategies for you to implement your goals and desired outcomes.

My style with clients is often warm and interactive. However when needed, I can be quite direct and call it as I see it. I have worked successfully with many different individuals, ethnicities, and sexual orientations. I respect the spiritual beliefs that are important to you as well as your choice to embrace none.

“So, I have sent John Bogardus…oh, I don’t know..maybe 10 patients over the years.  To a person, they’ve gotten tremendous help. John is just a good all-round psychotherapist.  Here’s the follow-up feedback I get about John. He’s kind. He listens. Better yet, he listens with an ear attuned to what the patient really needs.  He’s a tall affable guy and conveys a sense that he can be trusted, that he can’t be ruffled, and that he’s there in your corner whatever comes up. He isn’t theory-bound and doesn’t come off like one of those shrinks with a stick up their …….  Know what I mean? Anyway, I’d refer a family member to him, which is about the highest praise I can give a psychotherapist.”

Michael B.

San Francisco, CA

“I’ve known and worked closely with John for many years as a fellow therapist. He is empathic, intelligent, warm and easy to be with. He works collaboratively with his clients, and can also help them to  identify issues that he sees at work that they may not be fully aware of. He’s someone who really enjoys his work and it shows. He is pragmatic and helps clients achieve results they would like in therapy, as well as helping them to  explore the origins of significant problems in order to reach solutions that last.”

Jim C.

Oakland, CA

“It’s good to know that there are therapists of integrity like John working in the field.  We come to therapists to get help, and in so doing we open ourselves up to their scrutiny.  I like the fact that John is so decent, so safe, and so trustworthy as a person, and he brings all those qualities into his profession.”

Davina R.

Napa, CA

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