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Individual Counseling

Anxiety Therapy in San Francisco, Sonoma CA, and the Napa, CA Region.

Introduction to individual counseling
Individual counseling is the place people turn when they have a problem of significant intensity or duration that is not getting better on its own. Or they feel getting an additional perspective from a trained counselor could be useful. People use individual therapy to achieve greater understanding and possibly breakthroughs which will aid them in accomplishing personal goals. I provide a safe place to examine troubling feelings and thoughts. Together we seek solutions through new behavior or perhaps a new perspective on an old situation.
Individual counseling can be short or long in duration. Making lasting progress is what is important.

Two of the most frequently occurring emotional states seen in psychotherapy involve depression and anxiety. These feelings are signals or feedback to an individual that some aspect of her or his life needs attention. Anxiety and depression can represent an internal conflict that one doesn’t know how to work through. Or the problem could exist in the work environment or with an important relationship. I offer depression therapy  or  anxiety therapy  when either of these issues are presenting at the beginning of therapy or arise during its course.

In addition to anxiety and depression, I have experience with many issues including fear (say of a dreaded outcome), guilt, self-defeating attitudes or behavior, substance abuse, and marriage/relationship problems. I also have experience with issues pertaining to sexuality, sexual orientation, and self-esteem.

Over the years I have worked with many people and their issues, concerns, and symptoms.
I have written and been interviewed at length about some of my areas of interest. Please click on the following for details regarding my work with survivor guilt, feelings of failure, and alcohol abuse.