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For long time readers as well as those who have found this site recently, welcome to The Psychology of Everything (www.PsychologyOfEverything.com).

Formerly known as The Psychological Review of the Arts (www.PsychologicalReviewOfTheArts.com), I felt the need to rename the site to more accurately reflect the evolution and content of my writing. I have chosen to rechristen the blog as “The Psychology Of Everything” with a whimsical nod to the Stephen Hawking biopic, “The Theory of Everything.”

The Psychological Review of the Arts came into being in January 2011 with a review of the Natalie Portman vehicle, “The Black Swan,” a disturbing character study of the human psyche under stress from multiple directions. Hence my original idea was to comment on psychological trends and motivations in movies and television.

Soon enough I began branching out by reviewing music. I listen mostly to Rock and Jazz, so these genres and concerts are the ones I comment on the most. Live theater has also come into play. As well as articles ranging from substance abuse, to topics of interest in psychology and mindfulness, even noticing the effects of age on Sf Giant’s pitcher Tim Lincecum’s flexibility and pitching motion which contributed to his subsequent decline.

I appreciate your joining me on this adventure. Feel free to ask questions or make comments as well as suggesting topics you would like to see addressed.

Writing a blog has some aspects in common with being a psychotherapist. While silences are important and need to be honored and understood, dialogue is what makes the whole process swing.

I welcome your comments.