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Who Sees Me In Therapy?




Who Sees me in therapy?

My clients are talented, intelligent, well-educated people who feel they are not living up to their potential in work or relationships. They may feel anxious or depressed, or at a loss about how to resolve a difficulty with a friend or family member. Additional problems, involving intimacy or work related issues, may be adding to their burden.


My offices are located in  San Francisco and Sonoma, California. My guiding interest as a psychotherapist is working with individuals to overcome problems. And to help clients feel that they are living authentically and creatively. My purpose is to help clients get on with enjoying their lives, feeling more fulfilled.

“So, I have sent John Bogardus…oh, I don’t know..maybe 10 patients over the years.  To a person, they’ve gotten tremendous help. John is just a good all-round psychotherapist.  Here’s the follow-up feedback I get about John. He’s kind. He listens. Better yet, he listens with an ear attuned to what the patient really needs.  He’s a tall affable guy and conveys a sense that he can be trusted, that he can’t be ruffled, and that he’s there in your corner whatever comes up. He isn’t theory-bound and doesn’t come off like one of those shrinks with a stick up their …….  Know what I mean? Anyway, I’d refer a family member to him, which is about the highest praise I can give a psychotherapist.”

Michael B.

San Francisco, CA

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